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REPRINT: Never ever give up on love – by Courtney Collins

Never ever give up on love – by Courtney Collins

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Read this incredible story of Little Rock news anchor, Courtney Collins. We are proud to publish her story and are looking forward to hear from you.


At age 24, I had my whole life planned. I was engaged to the guy I’d spent six years getting to know. Mature life choice? Check! I was going to be married at 25. Reasonably, I’d have a few years to sink into my new, wifely role before the child bearing days pressed in. Kid one at 29, kid two atproposal-pic-7 32… perfect! I’m young enough to have peppy mom energy but old enough to avoid mom-out-of-college syndrome. By the time the children are both out of the nest, I’m 50. I have plenty of creative energy but a respectable amount of wisdom and life experience.

It’s so refreshing to know, at age 24, exactly how life will unfold. What’s equally invigorating, but less than pleasant, is when that entire plan heartbreakingly unravels in a matter of weeks.

I met a boy my freshman year of college and fell in love. We were nuts about each other in that giddy, 18-year-old way. We stuck together through four years of school, the post-college job search, and dutifully kept things going long-distance when our fledgling careers threw us in different states. We were happy and we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. When he proposed after five years and nine months of dating, I was ready to take the next step. I said yes, we set a date, we picked our wedding party. I couldn’t wait. Everything was going just like we had planned.

And that’s why I suddenly felt like the lone woman on a sinking ship when my fiancé asked if we could postpone things.

He had just started working as a sportscaster in Florida and I was finishing up my reporting job in Texas, so he wondered if we could wait until I moved to Fort Myers before nailing down a firm timeline....READ REST OF THE STORY HERE


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