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These are the stories I'm working on for part 2 in an ongoing series called DIRTY DEALINGS IN LITTLE ROCK:

Corruption not only sucks among the everyday cop. It also sucks royally when it comes to Little Rock Police Department Internal Affairs. I will be exposing the disgusting bad cop behaviour of one Sgt. "bring my LRPD car home with me to Greenbrier" Kyle King of the Internal Affairs Division. Sgt. King is quite the dirtbag to think that he can violate my civil rights as an state and federally protected American Creole Indian AND as a citizen of this southern city, and not expect consequences at some point.


It shall be VERY difficult for this corrupt internal affairs cop to deny my documented allegations against him along with his internal affairs cop snitches Officer Lori Smith & "Snitch Mitch". Now that Shannon Dewayne Cox is in bed with them, it is becoming more obvious what the common thread is.

A drunk serving manager at a cheesy piano bar called Willy D's, hell Shannon Dewayne Cox LIVES with the woman named Carla. I have evidence on them, boy do I. It's called a DWI Police report & much, much more. Kyle King had a chance to deal with it, instead he chose to be corrupt and under-handed. He had an opportunity to deal with a public safety threat BEFORE it happened, but he was more concerned about some B.S. pictures that Willy D's took of my drink cooler on the sidewalk. Good call cop. I had pictures of drunks being tossed in the street by Carla's thugs, Kyle didn't give a crap and I nearly got killed by Willy D's drunk driver. BOY!! ABC, ABC.


Sgt Reggie Parks, an upstanding officer at the River Market witnessed the event with NUMEROUS other fine officers at the kiosk during RIVER FEST. He, Sgt. Parks witnessed these events on the very first day of the River Fest where he, Sgt. Kyle King and one of his Internal Affairs "snitches" (not my words). Officer "Snitch Mitch" by way of officer Lori Smith, of whom NO officer wants on their shift.

They are known within the force to be REAL buddy-buddy with the civil rights violating Sgt. King of Internal Affairs. They all decided to exact their revenge upon myself and my nation that fateful evening. MORE TO COME.


Also Officer Mark Fisher was relieved of duty last week under allegations of theft at a local Sam's Club. Apparently, he was caught red-handed with an unpaid backpack sittin' in his truck. MORE TO COME.

We are also going to talk about the Little Rock so-called"Empowerment Zone" and the Little Rock Fire Dept. MORE TO COME

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1803 Louisiana French Creole/American Creole Indian Treaty Rights

Publishers Note:  I knew Gilbert to be a knowledgeable friend and full of memories robbed of my own people.  Our similar paths converged upon each other many years ago and now continues on within the sovereign Creole hearts & minds of the American Creole Indian People.

Rest Well Faithful Warrior & Dear Friend...

1803 Louisiana French Creole & American Creole Indian Treaty Rights

An article from Gilbert Martin, Sr. 1923-2005

On November 30, 1803, according to stipulations in the Louisiana Purchase Treaty and by formal action, the French rendered the entire Louisiana Territory an absolutely free country. And it remained that way until circa 1818, when the legislature of the newly formed state of Louisiana ruled otherwise. By those acts, in deliberate violation of the LPT, Louisiana became just another Jim Crow State in the Deep South.

At the time of the American takeover of the vast Louisiana Territory, tens of thousands of people with lineage to Africa were among the inhabitants. Some were free, but most were slaves. Nevertheless, neither free nor slave was ever apprised of their treaty rights. Consequently, both the so-called free people of color and the slaves were forced to suffer the realities of degradation, hostility, and other forms of inequities brought about by Southern American Jim Crow styled segregation, discrimination, racism and bigotry. Naturally, an undercurrent of resentment against the Americans flowed throughout the Creole community. And that resentment did not begin to abate until after World War II. Prior to that war, the older Creoles did not refer to themselves as Americans.

They considered it an offense should anyone else referred to them as Americans. I saw many older Creoles spit on the ground after mentioning the word "Merican."

As a young Creole growing up during the Great Depression and the Jitterbug era, I didn’t know why my elders hated Americans so much. I was having fun. That did not concern me. So, it would be many decades before I would began to question the origin of my culture. I was fifty years old when my quest began. And another decade would past before I would come across a copy of the Louisiana Purchase Treaty. After reading the third article of the treaty, I finally understood why my people were so bitter. So, out of respect for them, I have been trying to bring the United States Government, and the state of California to task for treaty violations. Now, I would like the general public to find out about our plight under American domination.

Enclosed please find a copy of the letter I sent to Kevin Shelly, Secretary of State of California. I would like to have this information published, either in its entirety, in parts, or you may simply write about it. I feel that it’s very important for the Creole community, especially our young, to be apprised of our treaty rights, and to take this information seriously. I feel that it’s time for young Creoles to get involved. My struggle for authoritative recognition for Creole people has passed its third decade. Now, I am tired and should be taking it easy.

However, as a retired master builder, general contractor, and former member of the American Arbitration Association, I see the violation of the Louisiana Purchase Treaty as being the biggest blunder the United States has ever made. The U.S. received 908,380 square miles of territory for $15 million and to provide and guarantee to us, civil and special rights as stipulated in Article III of the treaty. But up until now, the federal government has been acting as if the Louisiana Purchase Treaty is a unilateral instrument. Contrarily, the LPT is a bilateral instrument and must be regarded as such.

Therefore, I have chosen to stand on the opposite, and uncontested, side of the LPT. Therefore, I am calling upon the federal government and all state governments to acknowledge their legal obligations under the LPT, and to repair any and all damage for any and all infractions thereof. 

Please provide me with whatever help that you can. If there is any question you would like me to answer, or any subject that you would like me to address, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Also, I have enclosed a copy of the certified letter that I sent to Bill Lockyer, Attorney General for the state of California.

Yours truly,

Gilbert E. Martin


GILBERT E. MARTIN, Sr(April 13, 1923 - November 19, 2005)

the founder of the International French Creole Cultural Society.

GILBERT E. MARTIN, Sr., is the founder of the International French Creole Cultural Society. He is also the pioneer of the Creole Non-Violent Revolution. He was born in the Seventh Ward, the heart of the Creole section of the city of New Orleans, on April 13, 1923.

He left that community at the age of nineteen and served in the United states Marine Corps for a little more that three years. On September 14, 1946, he married Geraldine Aubert, and together they brought seven children into the world. Martin became a self-taught architect and general contractor.

In October of 1973, Martin became interested in the roots of his culture, and went into research. He soon discovered that no one had ever before written about the roots of Creole Culture. Other writers, including those who wrote disparagingly and/or incorrectly about Louisiana Creoles, did not take their thoughts beyond the confines of the state of Louisiana. That realization was so fascinating that Martin became obsessed with the thought of revealing that the Creole phenomenon did not originate in Louisiana.

His research took him back through the West Coast of Africa and through the great Mali empire to the smelting of iron in ancient Ghana in 300 B.C. Consequently, with an abundance of information on hand, coupled with certain breached conditions in the Louisiana Purchase Treaty, he concluded that Louisiana French Creoles & their descendent's are entitled the respectable status of nationhood. So, in 1979, Martin founded the International French Creole Cultural Society. Afterwards, he began to advocate the reunification of French Creoles & their descendent's, not only in the United States, but also with their cultural kin in the French West Indies and in other parts of the world.

Martin, in 1994initiated the Louisiana Reclamation Movement. This movement is designed to reveal the fact that the Louisiana Territory was Creole country before it became an American possession, and by breaching the treaty the United States actually lost its jurisdiction over the land and its people. Additionally, Gilbert E. Martin, Sr. is the author of Creole Chronology, Passe pour Blanc and French Creoles: A Shattered Nation.

Martin argues that the French Creoles of Louisiana are entitled to tax exemptions and tax refunds, not only from federal government but from each and every State where they have been made to pay income or property taxes. He makes that assumption because he said that, the United States did indeed, received and made use of 908,380 square miles of territory. And for that acquisition, martin claims, that U.S. guaranteed that it would comply with the treaty and provide to the French Creoles and their descendants many rights they did not receive.


Creoles are generally known as a people of mixed French, African, Spanish, and Native American ancestry, most of who reside in or have familial ties to Louisiana. Research has shown many other ethnicities have contributed to this culture including, but not limited to, Chinese, Russian, German, and Italian.

This culture began as an offspring of the Old World and the New when this country was still being colonized. Creoles are not one thing or the other, and have lived their lives being misunderstood, misrepresented, and misinterpreted. In the past, under White government, Creoles were not allowed to be an equal part of society. Blacks, free and slaves, did not feel Creoles were part of their world either. Because of this rejection, Creoles had a strong bond with one another and had to create their own world and culture.

They were self-sufficient and relied on each other. Creoles were landowners, artists, teachers, and business people. Even today this bond among Creoles nationwide is strong. There is tremendous pride in knowing where they come from. The Creole Heritage Center is committed to the challenge of correcting the wrongs and misconceptions associated with this culture and will represent the Creoles in a true light. Their culture and heritage, rarely acknowledged in spite of its uniqueness, is worthy and deserving of attention and preservation; without it an important part of the American experience could be lost. http://nsula.edu/creole/definition.asp

Louisiana Creoles: Cultural Recovery and Mixed-Race Native American Identity

By Andrew J. Jolivétte

Louisiana Creoles examines the recent efforts of the Louisiana Creole Heritage Center to document and preserve the distinct ethnic heritages of this unique American population. Dr. Andrew Jolivétte uses sociological inquiry to analyze the factors that influence ethnic and racial identity formation and community construction among Creoles of Color living in and out of the state of Louisiana.

By including the voices of contemporary Creole and Creole Indian organizations, preservationists, and grassroots organizers, Jolivétte offers a comprehensive and insightful exploration of the ways in which history has impacted the ability of Creoles to self-define their own community in political, social, and legal contexts. This book raises important questions concerning the process of cultural formation and the politics of ethnic categories for multiracial communities in the United States. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina the themes found throughout Louisiana Creoles and Creole Indians are especially relevant for students of sociology and those interested in identity issues.

American Creole Indians suffer from erosion, hurricanes now BP / Haliburton oil spills

The United Houma Nation (UHN) is a state recognized tribe of approximately 17,000 tribal citizens residing within a six-parish (county) service area encompassing 4,570 square miles. The six parishes, Terrebonne, Lafourche, Jefferson, St. Mary, St. Bernard and Plaquemines parishes are located along the southeastern coast of Louisiana. Within this area, distinct tribal communities are situated among the interwoven bayous and canals where Houmas traditionally earned a living. Although by land and road these communities are distant, they were historically very close by water. However, boat travel is no longer a viable option due to the effects of coastal erosion, which has left these waterways either nonexistent or impassable and often treacherous.

The Houma Tribe has not yet been Federally recognized, awaiting a response for over 20 years from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, an agency of the U.S. Department of the Interior. This is our story.

We have had many battles over the years. We've fought for educational opportunities, recognition by the Federal government, protection of our homelands from coastal erosion and hurricanes, and we're now preparing for the impact of the massive oil spill.  The BP Deepwater Disaster threatens the health  and long-term survival of the United Houma Nation communities. Spread throughout six parishes of Southeastern Louisiana, our history, culture, and livelihoods are deeply tied to water. We are a resilient people and will do everything we can to preserve our way of life.  The Tribe has been working with local, state and federal government as well as foundations and environmental organizations on addressing some of the current and forthcoming impacts of this oil spill. Please continue to visit the website for updates on these issues. 

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Midtown Billiards Slasher Finally in Police Custody

Update- 7.14.2010

It is confirmed that the Midtown Billiards Slasher, Brian Wright, was arrested on theft and other charges yesterday.  He is yet to be charged with the slashing/stabbing of Michael Adam Crismon of Benton, Arkansas on May 30th, as a result of a fight that began in Midtown Billiards and poured into the streets. Though employees at Midtown Billiards are quoted as saying, "it was just a bunch of bums fighting outside", numerous credible witnesses contest this accounting as wholly untrue.  

According to eyewitness reports, two white males and one white female were seen coming out of Midtown Billiards, an after hours bar, known for illicit activities.  

The two males were having strong words and pushing and shoving each other.  the female was in between them trying to break-up the fight, but favoring one of the males over the other.  Within this melee of cursing, pushing and shoving, the female fell down to the ground.  

Witnesses state that she was not struck, but slipped.  At this point, Slasher Brian Wright runs across the street from E-Z Mart and starts "swinging punches" at Crismon.  Crismon, at least six inches taller than Wright started getting the upper-hand, at which point Wright pulls out an object and starts stabbing and slashing at the victim.

This publisher is quite confident, that the LRPD finally has the right guys following-up this heinous crime.  

The important thing is that a very unstable and dangerous individual is finally off-the-streets and no longer a danger to this community. 

What also deserves mentioning is that Mr. Crismon owes his life to the good police work of the Midnight shift.  If they had not been so persistent as to follow the victims blood trail SIX blocks, he surely would not be alive today; lost way too much blood and bleeding-out.  Good job as usual.

REMEMBER: Corruption Sucks Blog Tells You First.

Update- 7.2.2010 


The slasher's name is Brian Wright, he is well-known by the Little Rock
Police Department, yet still roams freely in the streets, bragging about
his crime! Interesting, I have seen the LRPD arrest and accost people
on the smallest of  technicality, yet this violent attempted murderer
walks the street with impunity.  Go figure. At least put a warrant out


Violent Stabbing in Little Rock
as reported by KARK 4-

Little Rock
police are investigating a violent stabbing May 3rd Sunday morning. 
It happened in the 1300 block of Main
Street at four a.m. 
tell us the victim was stabbed in the head and neck several times, then
left the scene and was found six blocks away at 19th and Louisiana,
near the governor's mansion. 
Witnesses tell us the victim and
suspect were fighting.

"And then once they got through
fighting, the man pulled out a shank and just started shanking the man
as if they were in a penitentiary or something like,” says witness
Christopher Moore.

The victim's
name and condition have not been released but he was responsive in the


We aren't saying that this story,
as written, isn't true, it's just
very incomplete. We intend to clear
'dat up.

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A Crooked Internal Affairs Officer- James "Jim Crow" Kyle

Corrupt Ass Bryan Day Assistant City Manager of Little Rock 


Perjury, also known as forswearing, is the willful act of swearing a false oath or affirmation to tell the truth, whether spoken or in writing, concerning matters material to a judicial proceeding. 

He knows what his institutional racist ass did to warrant a felony investigation and so will you- very soon.

PUBLISHERS NOTE:  As many of you have already figured out, this is a world wide syndicated social justice blog site, it is literally real-time publishing, accessible  to millions. Our readers span every corner of the globe. 

Many social justice strategies and tactics are available to groups or an individual, when seeking or establishing their justice-this is, but one.  

We NEVER publish anything without first DYING that the corrupt piece of crap would MAKE US PROVE IT!  I've been waiting on Blogger in one way or another since 2003, hoping a corrupt loser will take us up on it- THEY NEVER DO.

This social justice approach began in 2003 with one tribal band, ultimately our clan and now our entire tribal nation & territorial citizenry.  We all choose to address grievances of the individual or government in this manner for many reasons. Sometimes we will tell you.

Don't get us wrong, we are willing & DO WORK WITH good government.  What's "good" government? Doing your damn job above and straight across the board for EVERYONE.

Creoles have existed "between-the-races" for over 10 generations.  Many racialists (those that believe in a silly concept of "race") only love to acknowledge this & us when it is convenient for them.  When it is not convenient, they insultingly "racialize" the Creole later, hoping to gain some "race" oriented advantage by invoking deep-seeded Eugenic Jim Crow Xenophobia against the American Creole on both sides of the so-called race line. 

Not all Creoles are Creole Indian.  

BUT ALL Creole Indians are Creole, as such, we embrace ALL of our Creole cousins, brothers and sisters within our territory and without.  You see, ANY Creole PLUS a Creole Indian makes more of both.  

Why is this important you may ask?  Because Creoles are not a world-wide minority, that's why.  

Creole Indians command INDISPUTABLE aboriginal sovereign rights.  We DO NOT abdicate or defer these rights because we are involved in commerce with you. The State of Arkansas Officially acknowledged these indigenous ethnic group rights by way of the Arkansas Department of Education in 2005 after a year-long highly intensive and exhaustive EAC investigatory review. 

Every Creole that joins our Creole Indian Nation, enjoys those very same indigenous  rights. Connect the dots. 

Another thing to consider, MANY people that work right next to you indentify themselves as Creole or of mixed-Creole decent, rather than whatever they have allowed you to assume or categorize them to "be".  Creoles come in Every Single shade and ethnicity- Out of many, ONE.

Someday, these very same people that you presume to know, may no longer allow you to assume such silly racialist notions about them.  


D'Choctaw Clan-Band Bordeaux

E Pluribus Unum


Internal Affairs justice is a fleeting and fickle thing within the Great Creole Indian Territory of Little Rock, Arkansas, located within the heart of Jim Crow Pulaski County Sheriff territory (more on these bigots later, WE got the goods on them too.).This corruption story involves a dirty internal affairs cop named Sgt. Kyle King.  Kyle used to be a street cop in Little Rock, someone thought it would be a good idea to make this guy, a cop over cops-hmm.

Well, good 'ol boy Kyle was not the kind of street cop that you wanted to get messed-up with.  Why? Because Kyle always had a way of gettin' his police reports nice and air-tight on your ass.  What do I mean? KYLE'S REPORTS ALWAYS WORKED OUT FOR KYLE-ALMOST ALWAYS.

Since I have been provably and documentedly framed in this southern town before, I have a unique perspective and insight into such matters "in these parts".

Kyle King is buddies with two River Market snitches.  One named Lori "somebody took my gun from me " Smith & the other we call Snitch Mitch with a Twitch.  Lori is good vacation friends with a drunk-serving manager of a Cheesy Piano Bar called Willy D's.  This crooked bar manager asked Lori to do some pretty under-handed things.

We'll get into those details later, anyway, this scumbag of a crooked snitch-cop, was complained upon by your's truly, at Little Rock's Internal Affairs Division of Southern Injustice.  Sgt. Kyle King INTERCEPTED the IAD interview.  He was confronted with his conflict of interest- the idiot blew it off.  He went further than that though. This crooked cop-over-cop's problem is screwed-up on MANY levels.

Kyle King has committed far worse than just one insult or violations of Laissez-faire, against one individual with his criminality, he has declared war upon a people-a nation.  A sovereign people.  He shall receive his education regarding this "original law" & it's significance soon enough.  Faster than a Jim Crow Minute!

We shall respond.  This is NOTHING yet. Do no more harm to Creoles you Eugenic Jim Crow Scum.  No more free plays against the Creole for any of you good 'ol boys & gals.

He has done both GOOD & BAD work in both places, in the streets and in Little Rock's IAD.  He has tainted ALL with his PROVABLY bad.  Now, scumb-ass Kyle has a choice.  He can turn his criminal ass into his superiors as unfit for duty or we can drag a LOT of good cop witnesses through depositions for starters and/or far worse, you cops and red-taper's can figure that one out, can't you?  Feel free to ask Assistant City Manager of the City of Little Rock Bryan Day.

Bryan knows first hand what it is like to be served a subpoena and have his provably perjuring ass raked through Creole Indian coals on the witness stand in open court.  NOW, the issue between Bryan Day and our Nation, is a matter of public record that shall be referenced  FREQUENTLY upon this and other syndicated sites. Who's next?

We shall CONTINUE proving what kind of civil rights violating corrupt loser Jim Crow Kyle is and he ain't alone, just the stupidest & boldest among the bigots.

We Creole Indians are ALL brave warriors. I am War Chief. We don't shy or cowardly turn away from a good fight, you Jim Crow fools.

We love & welcome the Creole opportunity to get in there and totally dismantle and/or expose your disgusting Jim Crow based "justice" system. You opened the door, so Creole Indian Warriors are charging through it, as well as through you- bigot. We want your professional scalp! We won't stop until we get it from you criminal.

I'm sure Kyle's probably a bit nervous because we are about to reveal some very bad & criminally illegal behaviour on his part.  I wonder if he has ever been the subject of an FBI interview?  That can easily change and most likely will.  That's up too Jim Crow Kyle and the City of Little Rock, since he is their pet bigot, released from the leash.

Put your pet bigot down or Creole Indian Warriors will do your dirty clean-up work for you, City of Little Rock.  I wonder what City of Little Rock Mayor Stodola has to say about this FUBAR, don't you?  You should ask him about it, see what he says!

Check in soon, were gettin' some special stuff together for our readers. UNDENIABLE STUFF.  Feel free to circle your wagons- it won't do you no good mojo now...MUCH MORE TO COME SOON!

ARKANSAS FREEDOM OF SPEECH: Arkansas Code Sections 16-501

Arkansas Code Sections 16-501 - 16-508

State of Arkansas

Arkansas Code Title 16, Chapter 63

Subchapter 5. Citizen Participation in Government Act

16-63-501. Title.< b="">

This subchapter shall be known as and may be cited as the "Citizen Participation in Government Act".

16-63-502. Legislative findings.

The General Assembly finds and declares that:

(1) It is in the public interest to encourage participation by the citizens of the state of Arkansas in matters of public significance through the exercise of their constitutional rights of freedom of speech and the right to petition government for a redress of grievances; (2) The valid exercise of the constitutional rights of freedom of speech and the right to petition government for a redress of grievances should not be chilled through abuse of the judicial process; (3) The threat of a civil action for damages in the form of a strategic lawsuit against political participation and the possibility of considerable legal costs can act as a deterrent to citizens who wish to report information to federal, state, or local agencies; and (4) Strategic lawsuits against political participation can effectively punish concerned citizens for exercising the constitutional right to speak and petition the government for redress of grievances.

16-63-503. Definitions.

As used in this subchapter:

(1) "An act in furtherance of the right of free speech or the right to petition government for a redress of grievances under the Constitution of the United States or the Constitution of the State of Arkansas in connection with an issue of public interest or concern" includes, but is not limited to, any written or oral statement, writing, or petition made:

(A) Before or to a legislative, executive, or judicial proceeding, or other proceeding authorized by state, regional, county, or municipal governments; or (B) In connection with an issue under consideration or review by a legislative, executive, or judicial body, or other body authorized by state, regional, county, or municipal government; and

(2)(A) "Privileged communication" means a communication made:

(i) In, to, or about an issue of public concern related to any legislative, executive, or judicial proceeding, or other proceeding authorized by state, regional, county, or municipal governments; (ii) In the proper discharge of an official duty; and (iii) By a fair and true report of any legislative, executive, or judicial proceeding, or other proceeding authorized by state, regional, county, or municipal governments or anything said in the course of the proceeding.

(2)(B) "Privileged communication" also includes:

(i) All expressions of opinion or criticisms in regard to any legislative, executive, or judicial proceeding, or other proceeding authorized by state, regional, county, or municipal governments; and (ii) All criticisms of the official acts of any and all public officers.

(2)(C) "Privileged communication" does not include a statement or report made with knowledge that it was false or with reckless disregard of whether it was false.

16-63-504. Immunity from suit.

Any person making a privileged communication or performing an act in furtherance of the right of free speech or the right to petition government for a redress of grievances under the Constitution of the United States or the Constitution of the State of Arkansas in connection with an issue of public interest or concern shall be immune from civil liability, unless a statement or report was made with knowledge that it was false or with reckless disregard of whether it was false.

16-63-505. Verification requirement.

For any claim asserted against a person or entity arising from possible privileged communication or an act by that person or entity that could reasonably be construed as an act in furtherance of the right of free speech or the right to petition government for a redress of grievances under the Constitution of the United States or the Constitution of the State of Arkansas in connection with an issue of public interest or concern, the party asserting the claim and the party's attorney of record, if any, shall be required to file, contemporaneously with the pleading containing the claim, a written verification under oath certifying that: 

(1) The party and his or her attorney of record, if any, have read the claim; (2) To the best of the party's or his or her attorney's knowledge, information, and belief formed after reasonable inquiry the claim is well grounded in fact and is warranted by existing law or a good faith argument for the extension, modification, or reversal of existing law; (3) The act forming the basis for the claim is not a privileged communication; and (4) The claim is not asserted for any improper purpose such as to suppress a person's or entity's right of free speech or right to petition government, to harass, or to cause unnecessary delay or needless increase in the cost of litigation.

16-63-506. Failure to properly verify.

(a) If a claim governed by Section 16-63-505 is not verified as required by Section 16-63-505, the claim shall be stricken unless it is verified within ten (10) days after the omission is called to the attention of the party asserting the claim or his or her attorney of record.

(b)(1) If a claim is verified in violation of Section 16-63-505, the court upon motion or upon its own initiative shall impose upon the persons who signed the verification, a represented party, or both an appropriate sanction, which may include dismissal of the claim and an order to pay to the other party or parties the amount of the reasonable expenses incurred because of the filing of the claim, including a reasonable attorney's fee.

(b)(2) Other compensatory damages may only be recovered upon the demonstration that the claim was commenced or continued for the purpose of harassing, intimidating, punishing, or maliciously inhibiting a person or entity from making a privileged communication or performing an act in furtherance of the right of free speech or the right to petition government for a redress of grievances under the Constitution of the United States or the Constitution of the State of Arkansas in connection with an issue of public interest or concern.

16-63-507. Procedure.

(a)(1) All discovery and any pending hearings or motions in an action for a claim governed by Section 16-63-505 shall be stayed upon the filing of a motion to dismiss or a motion to strike under Section 16-63-506.

(a)(2) A hearing on a motion filed under Section 16-63-506 shall be conducted not more than thirty (30) days after service unless emergency matters before the court require a later hearing.

(b) The court, upon motion and for good cause shown, may order that specified discovery or other hearings or motions be conducted notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (a) of this section.


Nothing in this subchapter shall affect or preclude the right of any party to any recovery otherwise authorized by common law, statute, or rule.

American Creole Indian Aid Commission| Email: fraud101@gmail.com

Six New Orleans Cops Indicted In Danziger Bridge Case

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Six New Orleans Police Officers Indicted in Danziger Bridge Case

WASHINGTON –Six officers with the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) were charged today in connection with the federal investigation of a police-involved shooting on the Danziger Bridge in the days after Hurricane Katrina, the Justice Department announced today.   The incident resulted in the death of two civilians and the wounding of four others.  

The indictment charges four officers – Kenneth Bowen, Robert Gisevius, Robert Faulcon and Anthony Villavaso – in connection with the shootings, and charges those four officers and two supervisors – Arthur “Archie” Kaufman and Gerard Dugue – with helping to obstruct justice during the subsequent investigations.

The indictment alleges that officers Bowen, Gisevius, Faulcon and Villavaso open fired on an unarmed family on the east side of the bridge, killing 17-year- old James Brissette, and wounding Susan Bartholomew, 38; Leonard Bartholomew III, 44; the Bartholomew’s daughter, Lesha, 17; and the Bartholomew’s nephew, Jose Holmes, 19. The Bartholomews’ 14-year-old son ran away from the shooting and was fired at, but was not injured.  

The second shooting occurred minutes later on the west side of the bridge, where officers shot at brothers Lance and Ronald Madison,   killing Ronald, a 40-year-old man with severe mental disabilities. The indictment alleges Faulcon shot Ronald Madison in the back as Ronald ran away.   Bowen is charged with stomping and kicking Ronald Madison while Ronald was wounded, but not yet dead.   Ronald later died at the scene.


“As our investigation of the Danziger Bridge incident shows, the Justice Department will vigorously pursue anyone who allegedly violated the law,” said Attorney General Holder. “Put simply, we will not tolerate wrongdoing by those who have sworn to protect the public.” 

“In the days following Hurricane Katrina, the people of New Orleans were relying upon law enforcement to protect public safety. The officers indicted today are accused of abusing their power and violating their public trust. Today’s indictment exemplifies the department’s commitment to aggressively prosecute any officer who violates the law either by engaging in misconduct or a conspiracy to deny justice,” said Thomas E. Perez, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division.

“Today’s  indictment should serve as compelling evidence of our unswerving and unconditional commitment to achieve essential goals: to achieve true justice for any victims of the charged killings, shootings and abuse on the Danziger Bridge, and the alleged corrupt cover-up that followed; to unmask and bring to justice those officers who according to the indictment abused their power in committing violent crimes against the unarmed citizens they were sworn to protect; to restore the trust in the men and women of law enforcement who do serve the people and honor the badge; and to make certain that no one should ever have to fear those whose job it is to protect them,” said Jim Letten, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Louisiana.

“The charges announced in today’s indictment show the commitment by the FBI to hold individuals who break the law accountable, regardless of their positions in a community or the circumstances under which the crimes occurred,” said Kevin L. Perkins, Assistant Director of the FBI’s Criminal Investigative Division.

 “One year ago, FBI New Orleans made a commitment to dedicate all the necessary resources to ensure this matter was thoroughly and fairly investigated to a logical conclusion.  Today’s indictments indicate that we continue to honor that commitment,” said David W. Welker, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s New Orleans Field Office.

The four officers charged with killing civilians face maximum penalties of life in prison or the death penalty.   The officers face additional penalties for the remaining counts, which include charges related to a conspiracy to cover up what had happened on the bridge, and conspiracies to file charges against two of the victims, Lance Madison and Jose Holmes, on the basis of false evidence.

According to the indictment, officers at the scene of the shooting arrested Lance Madison and charged him with eight counts of attempting to kill police officers.   Officers collected no guns or shell casings on the day of the shooting, and 30 casings they collected more than a month later were allegedly fired by officers rather than civilians.   Madison was held in jail for three weeks, but was eventually released without indictment.

The indictment accuses Kaufman and Dugue of joining the other four defendants in a conspiracy to cover up what had happened on the bridge and to make the shootings appear justified.  Kaufman is charged with obtaining a gun from his home and claiming to have found the gun at the bridge on the day after the shooting, and with making up witnesses and then creating statements from the fictional witnesses to help justify the shooting.   Kaufman and Dugue are also accused of holding a meeting, in an abandoned and gutted out NOPD building, at which homicide sergeants instructed officers involved in the shooting to get their stories straight before giving formal audiotaped statements about the shooting.

Kaufman and Dugue, who concluded in a formal report that the shooting was justified and that Lance Madison and Jose Holmes should be arrested, are also accused of conspiring with each other and with other officers to have Madison and Holmes prosecuted on the basis of false evidence.

Kaufman faces a maximum penalty of 120 years in prison, and Dugue faces a maximum penalty of 70 years in prison.

Today’s indictment follows guilty pleas from five former NOPD officers who admitted that they participated in a conspiracy to obstruct justice and cover up what happened on Sept. 4, 2005.  The officers include former Lieutenant Michael Lohman, former detective Jeffrey Lehrmann, and former Officers Michael Hunter, Robert Barrios, and Ignatius Hills.

The charges set forth in an indictment are merely accusations and the defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty


This case, which is ongoing, is being investigated by the FBI’s New Orleans Field Office, and is being prosecuted by Deputy Chief Bobbi Bernstein and Trial Attorney Forrest Christian of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, along with Assistant U.S. Attorney Julia K. Evans of the Eastern District of Louisiana.

KARK-TV Little Rock fire employees over YouTube videos

KARK General Manager Rick Rogala apologized in a statement Friday to viewers and said disciplinary action has been taken. ... The videos were originally posted on YouTube but have since been removed. Rogala called the spoof videos "unauthorized, offensive and distasteful. 

KARK reporters Pete Thompson, Courtney Collins, Jake Hatley and news photographer Chris Jameson were fired Thursday after ArkansasBusiness.com first reported on the videos. In addition, up to five off-air employees were suspended for three days. 

KARK-TV Little Rock reporters fired over YouTube videos


Several reporters and photographers at Nexstar’s KARK-TV (NBC) Little Rock were apparently involved in producing two profanity-laden videos on the station premises and posting them on YouTube. A local business newspaper found about the spoof videos and four employees were fired by the station on Friday.

In the first of the two videos in the “Report This!!!” series reporter Pete Thompson says “I hate my job” and fantasizes about leaving Central Arkansas for a dream job in Miami. Now he has no job. Although the station logo was pixilated, Thompson made no effort to disguise himself, except to use the name “Pete Johnson,” nor did others who participated in the video shoots.

Arkansas Business became aware of the YouTube videos and posted a story about them on Thursday. The videos were quickly removed from YouTube. Too late. Arkansas Business had already snared copies and posted them here

According to Arkansas Business, Thompson was fired along with weekend anchor Courtney Collins, who portrayed the station news director in the videos, weekend sports anchor Jake Hatley and photographer Chris Jameson. Several other employees reportedly received three-day suspensions.

“In a very unfortunate series of incidents, a number of KARK employees acted on their own accord to produce unauthorized, offensive and distasteful videos that were subsequently posted to the internet. I am personally shocked and saddened by the behavior of these employees.  KARK has no tolerance for this type of behavior and messages that degrade and discredit our community and our employees. As a result, those involved have faced swift and appropriate disciplinary action.  On behalf of the dedicated team members of KARK who take great pride in their community and profession, I would like to extend our sincerest apologies,” said Nexstar Sr. Vice President Rick Rogala in an email statement sent to RBR-TVBR. Rogala is the General Manager of KARK and KARZ-TV (MyNet).

RBR-TVBR observation: It’s one of those “what were they thinking?” cases. It may have been intended as a joke, but insulting the local community and denigrating your employer, even in jest, is just begging to be fired.


In YouTube
Video Shot in Newsroom, KARK Reporters Spoof News Business

Robert Bell - 7/8/2010 2:31:20 PM

at KARK-TV, Channel 4, are the stars of a profanity-laden spoof of
broadcast news, now removed from YouTube, in which KARK news reporter
Pete Thompson appears as a disgruntled news reporter in scenes shot
inside KARK's newsroom and at the NBC affiliate's anchor desk.

two videos, one posted in late June and another this week, were removed
Thursday from the Google-owned video-sharing website, but are
available here
. They are titled "Report This!!!" and were posted to
YouTube under the username SpoiledKidsPictures.

an interview Thursday with ArkansasBusiness.com,
Thompson confirmed that the videos were shot at KARK's studios in the
Victory Building in Little Rock. The videos also incorporate what
appears to be B-roll footage filmed at the Malvern Brickfest and the
Rave movie theater in Little Rock.

When asked about the videos,
Thompson said he didn't want to comment further.

"I think we're
going to take those down," he said. "We were just doing some practice
things for the 48-hour film festival coming up."

Asked whether
his bosses were aware of the videos, Thompson said that he would have to
speak with them about it.

"It's really not that big a deal," he
said, and immediately hung up the phone.

Calls to KARK News
Director Rob Heverling were not immediately returned. Station Manager
Rick Rogala was out of the office and unable to comment. KARK is owned
by Nexstar Broadcasting of Irving, Texas.

It not unusual for
on-air reporters to have clauses in their employment contracts regarding
off-camera public behavior. Such clauses are in place to prevent
employees from reflecting poorly on their employer. It is not known what
kind of contract KARK's on-air reporters might have.

bio on KARK's website
states that he has "a life-long passion for
storytelling" and that he is "excited to report on this historic
southern city with its rich tradition."

'Miami or Bust'

the first video, "Miami or
Thompson's character, "Pete Johnson," believes he's about to
be offered a job at a Miami TV station. He constantly complains about
his assignments in both voiceover and in dialogue with his co-workers.

Thompson's character is assigned to cover the Malvern Brickfest, he
complains, "Please God, get me the hell out of here."

"It was hot
as s**t outside," he says later. "At least in Miami they have beaches.
And good coke."

Toward the end of the episode, he slaps an
interviewee and is reprimanded by his boss, played by KARK weekend
anchor Courtney Collins. Collins did not immediately return calls for

Thompson, in his role as KARK reporter, actually did
attend Brickfest and filed a report for KARK's weekend newscast. Video
of that report is available on KARK's website here. It contains
some of the same B-roll shots used in the YouTube video.

In the
second "Report This!!!" video, "Is This Mic On?"
, Collins' character
reprimands Thompson's character for slapping the interviewee.

signed a contract when you started here that said you were going to
represent the station," she said. She adds, "This really reflects badly
on you," before informing him he must attend anger management courses.

in the episode, Thompson appears interviewing people standing in line
to see the film "Twilight: Eclipse" at the Rave movie theater in west
Little Rock.

While some identifying elements are blurred out,
such as the KARK logo on a microphone Thompson uses, the second episode
features scenes shot in the KARK newsroom and at the KARK anchor desk.
Some scenes seem to feature other KARK employees. Another scene, at the
Rave movie theater, feature former KTHV-TV, Channel 11, sports reporter
Neil Sommerlatte, who left the station earlier this year and is now
employed at KARK.

Arkansas Business and Gannett Co.-owned CBS
affiliate KTHV have a news-sharing agreement.

to KARK's website
, Collins earned a journalism degree from the
Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University in Evanston,
Ill., and Thompson earned a bachelor's in communications and liberal
arts from the University of Texas at Austin.

This is not the
first time the couple have been the subject of Internet video. Thompson proposed to Collins on-air during an April
2009 KARK newscast
. Video of the proposal was featured on CNN and
other broadcasts around the world.

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