Monday, August 9, 2010

Official Demand for Investigation: Chief S. Thomas Little Rock Police Department

Chief Thomas,

    I am in receipt of your findings letter dated June 23, 2010 and received by hand on June 28, 2010.

    As you mentioned in your letter to me, I am not satisfied with the incomplete findings from your office.  My dissatisfaction will be voiced within the venue of appeal.

     But what most disappoints and confuses me, is first, your odd use of the word "perception", as it relates to VERY serious FACTS.  My second issue is the way that you have blanketed my concerns of specific individuals within your department as "members", "everybody".  Not "members" and at the most SELECT members of your department, is the issue.

     My initial complaint with you entailed ONE particular individual personally accessing ACIC not anyone else. To say differently can be construed as misleading.  The MAIN part of my complaint dealt with Officer Cox's three year record of documented chronic and criminal harassment of myself and business. This investigation was overtly avoided. 

     I truly take issue with your blanket statement that you regret my "negative perception of members of your department".  When you make such statements, they can easily be construed as your response to only one man's perspective, opinion or "perception". You are attempting to diminute or dilute my documented position. When you do so, you also subtract weight given to my sworn statements in support and on the behalf of MANY unmentioned members of your department, of which I have gone on the record at expense to myself on MANY occasions. 

     If this be the case, it unfortunately forces us to reconsider our policies, as it relates to such matters.  It would seem a waste of my time to make weightless and diluted sworn statements, especially when there is a personal cost involved on our own particular parts, to say the least.

    This is in spite of my negative perspective of many documented and select corrupt and/or undisciplined members of your department.  Of which includes one James Kyle King.  I have, on many occasions, explained my complaints and now wish for my perceptions to be verified as fact regarding Mr. King. Sgt. Berthia is in possesion of my Kyle King complaints. I look forward to reading your findings of my perceptions of Mr. King.



-multiple shoplifting police

-multiple domestic violence police

-Van Thomas-Assault

-David Edgmon- "Jigaboo"

-Lt. St. Pierre- Black Porn Addiction on company time

-[REDACTED]-Terroristic Threats

-Officer Jamie Parker- ACIC report, Cabot Police Arrest-fired

-multiple police under the influence on the job

-multiple illegal ACIC access violations, including [REDACTED]

Trust me, I can go on with my "perceptions" but I think you get the idea.      Now, as to this "members of the department" thing. You are all one happy cohesive group? Bull hockey. You have a WHITE recognized union and a BLACK sue association, that's not cohesive under anyone's perception. So, please, don't come off as all shocked by your cool and uninformative response to the serious and chronic threats and injury received by myself, my nation, my tribe and our business by members of your department, perceived or otherwise. I officially request that you expand your investigation to include my allegations of chronic and continued harassment by one Officer Cox and the other members of your department and without, involved with his shenanigans, like James Kyle King & his (Cox's) wife Carla Farquhar-Cox, manager of Willy D's Piano Bar on Clinton. A documented competitor of my company, as by her own confession and by the documented confession of Officer Shannon Dewayne Cox on the witness stand in open court.  This would allow your investigators like Sgt. Berthia to properly conduct their jobs.  Thank you.


Chief Ean Bordeaux 

http://www.twitter.com/CorruptionBlog http://corruptionsucks.blogspot.com/

Bio: Syndicated Creole Indian Social Justice Blogger. 

Chief Elder/War Chief -1803 LPT American Creole Indian Nation. 


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