Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fox News: Best Mainstream Coverage of Prosecuted LRPD Dirty Cop Bennie Dandy

Bennie "Hands" Dandie



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Updated 3/05 3:22 pm
A former Little Rock police officer charged with theft says he's not guilty. Bennie Dandy resigned from the department over video surveillance taken last fall that shows him trying to carry a laptop out of a business.

A Little Rock Police officer is under criminal investigation tonight. Internal Affairs wants to know if a surveillance video obtained by FOX16 News shows Officer Bennie Dandy, 28, attempting to steal a computer.

In a FOX16 follow-up, a Little Rock police officer resigns after being investigated for attempted theft on the job.

A suspended Little Rock police officer says he did not try to steal a computer from a crime scene.

Thousands of dollars have been paid to a Little Rock police officer suspected of attempting to steal a computer.

Impressive and commendable coverage of a hard-to-swallow report on corruption.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

FOX16 NEWS Coverage of School Pedophilia: Principal in court Tuesday on sex charge...

My question is, REALLY the school DIDN'T KNOW!!!!!!!!  B.S.


Principal in court Tuesday on sex charge

Reported by: Kelly Dudzik

Email: kdudzik@fox16.com

There is now a gag order in the case of a Sherwood principal in court Tuesday on a sexual assault charge.  Timothy Ballard is currently out on bond.  He's accused of kKissing, meetings in empty hallways, phone calls, texts and more, most of which are too graphic to say on TV.

A 2009 graduate of Abundant Life Schools is accusing principal and coach Timothy Ballard of inappropriate behavior starting when she was a seventh grader, and escalading into repeated sexual assault by her junior year.

FOX16 tried tracking Ballard down at his Sherwood home to get his side of the story, but didn't have any luck.  A neighbor says she rarely sees the Ballards, but her children played with his three girls.

Ballard's been with the school for the past 18 years. The superintendent got an e-mail from a former student accusing Ballard of inappropriate behavior February 21. The school placed Ballard on paid administrative leave four days later.

Sherwood police arrested Ballard Friday,charging him with sexual assault after an anonymous phone call launched an investigation March first.  Monday, the attorney for Sylvan Hills First Baptist Church told FOX16 the school is cooperating with authorities.

A court document shows the senior pastor and superintendent told police this was not the first time they received a complaint against Ballard about inappropriate behavior with a female student.  The first was made about 11 years ago. The most recent was made last September.

Ballard will be arraigned Tuesday morning.  The attorney for the church tells FOX16 this could move to circuit court where the charge could change.  Police tell FOX16 they interviewed more than 20 people in this case.

Abundant Life Schools are part of Sylvan Hills First Baptist Church in Sherwood with more than 400 pre-K through 12th graders.  Ballard is the assistant superintendent, high school principal and senior boys' basketball coach.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Bryan Day, Little Rock's Darling- Southern Fried Racism...

Assistant City Manager of Little Rock
Probably responsible for all of this in another life:


Welcome To Willy Dog USA! An American Creole Indian Owned Company



Willy Dog USA/Canada International is the largest manufacturer of hot dog carts, mobile food stands, and vendor kiosks in the United States. Since 1989, we have been proving our first hand experience and knowledge of the business by designing and producing an ever expanding line of mobile food vending carts. Today it is the most comprehensive cart line up offered by any manufacturer.

We can truly say that we have a cart to suit every application. Our product line-up begins with small economically priced Starter Carts and the popular New Yorker models. Then it grows into larger and more capable carts like the Hummer and the A101, veritable miniature restaurants on wheels. Our large fully enclosed 2 person Stand-In series completes the product line with a food stand that can operate in any weather and serve up almost any kind of road food. Our unique Willy Dog series of hot dog carts feature an eye-catching fiberglass hot dog body and are recognized around the world. We also produce Ice Cream Push and Bicycle Carts, and a line of Kiosks for both food and non-food items.

Our mobile hot dog carts start with a sturdy steel trailer frame. Then we dress them in stainless steel and mount the necessary food preparation equipment. We arrange the equipment in way designed to maximize operator efficiency and production. We are able to surface mount any stock equipment as well as build custom equipment directly into the body of any cart.

If it's a top quality product that you're after, backed by industry knowledge and customer service, all at a good price, make us your first and last choice, Willydog USA.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Off Topic Creole Business-RE: From Willy Dog Canada Int'l...

Will Hodgskiss :
toJMarshall@tssa.org, scooke@tssa.org, mgoldberg@tssa.org, kmilsom@tssa.org, Ean Bordeaux , WILLY DOG , Malcolm Hodgskiss Hodgskiss , Jay Rayner , John Crouchman

ccJocelyne Lavergne , mevans@tssa.org, cblatchford@globeandmail.com, "Macolm Hodgskiss mhodgskiss@gmail.com Malcolm Hodgskiss" , martinlaw@legal.com
dateMon, Mar 22, 2010 at 8:15 AM
subjectTSSA incompetence

Attention: Marvin Evans et al,

I am writing this letter because after two full weeks of me pleading TSSA inspectors have refused to call me back to schedule mandatory inspections.

Marvin the last time you sent me an Email you punitively and arbitrarily charged me for it at a flat rate of $150.00/hour plus taxes. You also charged me $150.00/hr to read my response to it. You also charged me $150.00/hr to receive & make phone calls to me.
Am I paying you and TSSA for the note you wrote below too? Am I again paying you $150.00 to read my answer to it?

Please advise me up front this time. 

Let me get you all on the right page again: I use TSSA because I am bound to by law & under penalty of fines or worse if I do not.

I own a company that I started out of poverty 21 years ago; Willy Dog. I employ about 20 people at my Canadian head office and more in my US offices.

All we do is make simple hot dog carts. Nothing else; no rocket science here. I sell these hot dog carts internationally, we are very successful. 

I have no problem doing business anywhere else in the world. USA, other parts of Canada, India, Australia, etc, take your pick we have no problems.

Only here in Ontario do we have problems. It is because of your "organization" TSSA". You bully me, you overcharge me for inspections, your inspections fail, you lie to me, your directer John Marshall laughs at me and now you will not even return my phone calls when I ask for an inspection! 

With the exception of the top office in TSSA and rare other exception, to a man you treat me with utter disrespect. 

To make matters worse TSSA, a quasi-government organization is protected by legislation that effectively says:
  • You can charge whatever you like.

  • You can make mistakes, even big mistakes and you are not responsible for it.

  • You are immune from all laws that would bind you to any sort of responsible or businesslike behaviour.

  • You don't have to communicate with your clients so they can set up the mandatory inspections with TSSA.

  • You appear to be all but immune from any Jurisdiction I can find (not that I am done trying).

So what am I to do now. Go out of business in Ontario? 

I am at the end of my rope because of TSSA incompetence yet all you do is cover your asses, change the rules arbitrarily and blame others.

I am a very even tempered fellow but TSSA disgusts me. If you were in my shoes you would be disgusted too.

The latest issue of many you have put me through is this:

1) I have been pleading with TSSA to do some inspections for about 2 weeks as of this writing.

It started March 8/10 when I called Oscar Warren and asked him to do some routine inspects. (Oscar has always been fair with me if not always abreast of the regulations).

2) Oscar advised that Wayne Pillon would now be doing our inspections and Wayne would call me. Mr Pillon did not call me and I left him 4 messages. After about 3 days I called Oscar again to plead for service. 

3) Mr, Pillon called the next day to say he couldn't do my inspection because he had medical issues. He said Anthony James would do the inspection.
He said he would call Anthony James and have him call me. I also began to call Mr. James. Mr. James ignored all my calls till I called Mr. Pillon again to pressure him. 

4) Mr. James called the next day to tell me he wasn't doing my inspection, that Mike Goldberg was doing my inspection. He said he would call Mike Goldberg and have him call me. I also began to call Mr. Goldberg. I called 6 times and left 4 messages over 3 days. Mr Goldberg did not call back.

5) On Friday morning Mar 19/10 I reluctantly called the office of the CEO of TSSA, Cathy Milsom and left a total of three messages (Ms Milsom & staff have always treated me fairly). Two calls dealt with the fact (as above) that I was being ignored by the inspectors and that I was in dire need of service from TSSA in order to serve customers at the only time of year they order. In the third call I mentioned that a customer had driven for a total of 6 hours to pick up his hot dog cart and because TSSA was ignoring me it was not inspected. I left the message that TSSA had successfully forced me to let equipment out of my factory because they effectively refused to inspect it.

6)At 4:00 Friday March 19/10 I received a call from Mike Goldberg to tell me that he was not doing our inspections Marvin Evans was. He said he would call Marvin Evans (whose last bill just to look at a one page line diagram cost me a whopping $1338.00 and forced me to sue TSSA in small claims court) and get Mr. Evans to call me.

8) About 10 minutes later I received a somewhat frantic call from Marvin Evans advising me that he would do the inspections next week (but he has changed the rules again).

7)Two full weeks have now passed and the inspections are not done. I am not sure what this week will bring.

Over the last 2 years TSSA has effectively put me into a corner. A corner wherein I have been forced, through their negligence, shoddy, money grabbing, inconsistent and achingly slow "inspections", inspections that fail simple propane tests in the field, I have been forced to discontinue almost my entire model line up (in Ontario only). Now TSSA have put me into a position where to stay in business in Ontario I may have to sell my hot dog carts un-inspected! TSSA is a disgrace. Most of you should be fired and replaced with people who can think and who are truly concerned about safety. 

I am concerned about safety and frankly I am extremely worried that given your well documented failure rate someone will be seriously hurt or worse. Not hurt with my simple little carts but by something far more complex that you are supposed to be dealing with. 

I want an apology from TSSA regarding the above. 

I want some guarantees that you will look after me as you are supposed to do. 

Will R Hodgskiss

President & Top Dog

Voted Best Business of Year


TODAY'S THV REPRINT: PCSSD, Racism & Chronic Corruption...

PCSSD holds meeting to discuss personnel matter concerning McGill

An emergency boarding meeting was held Thursday night over confidential documents leaked to the NAACP.

These documents are the result of an investigation into allegations Acting Superintendent Robert McGill made racial comments. Board members were under confidentiality when they were interviewed. The conclusion by Lassiter & Couch Law Firm reads, "We have interviewed the four witnesses." It goes on, "We find that Mr. McGill did not make a racially insensitive remark."

This led to a controversy with the Pulaski County Special School District board. President of the PCSSD board Tim Clark says, ""Until we make the right decisions, clean the board up or out, which ever way it is. It starts with us until we are on the right path, the school district will never be on the right path."

The meeting is a direct result of NAACP chairman, Rizelle Aaron alleging he received the confidential documents anonymously on a school district thumb drive. Others believe someone on the board leaked the information, a violation of the law and board policy.

Board member Gary Gililland explains, "I just want to find out and do an effort and make this known. That way if we do find who did it, then the employees can then act upon their behalf. It wouldn't be our responsibility to file a civil suit against them on their behalf."

In a vote of 4 to 3, board members moved to start an investigation. Others worry about the cost and say it's a civil matter and not grounds to remove a board member.

The meeting only lasted 30-minutes; the end result, the majority of board members voted to begin an investigation. However, no one discussed who would do it or how much it will cost.

Vice-President of the board Charlie Wood says, "It probably won't mean much more money. It will mean something official is being done and the attorney may come back to us with more recommendations about a next step. I hope we find who gave the information to Mr. Aaron."

Aaron insists he doesn't know who leaked the documents, "This is a waste of time and money because the only way to determine who that person is, is by that person identifying themselves and that's not going to happen."

Several employees named in the confidential documents are seeking legal council, which could mean a lawsuit.

This week, McGill accepted a job as superintendent of Academics Plus Charter School in Maumelle.


i have lived and traveled and worked all over the world, and expereinced education in all those places. i have never, ever seen anything like i have seen in the pulaski county special school district. it is a time warp to the pre-civil rights 1950's, but reversed. It's like the sequel that is based primarily on revenge. I had hoped that in the year 2010 we could have moved past this with the rest of the world. but for some reason this place cant seem to get out of the swamp of divided racism, on either side. and it only sees two races usually! there really are no words that anyone who has traveled or been really educated can use to describe it, other than a tragedy.

boxershrimp wrote:
My earlier post should have read "treated much better than slaves". I believe I'm ready for management. Sorry.

mougie wrote:
This is a bunch of crap! I am so glad I don't live there when my kids were in school. Nor do I now. I have family that does and a lot of them moved there only after their kids were out of school. These people don't care about these kids because if they did they wouldn't be acting like idiots.

true2 wrote:
The board voted 4-3 to investigate. Just start with the 3 who voted against it.

true2 wrote:
So if I wanted to right a false-fake-lie about a white official and send it to the NAACP, they will raise a big media stink with out one shred of evidence. Please witch hunt and find the person who did this. Mr. McGill should sue for defamation and libel, since it was put in writing. Reverse racism is killing this city.

PS. I am white middle class male. My Great Grandfather came here from Ireland where our ancestors were treated like slaves by the English. No one in my bloodline ever owned a slave, nor profited off of the trade. I need a group like the NAACP to defend my rights and stop the disfranchisement I see all around me here in the south. 

boxershrimp wrote:
During slavery in England their were nearly a million servants. Because slaves were property and had value, they were treated much better than servants, who were hardly payed, mistreated and generally worked to death. Servants were easy to replace, slaves were not. On this issue people have been sold a pig in a poke.

OldArmy94 wrote:

I disagree that today's "reverse racism" is worse than the past "white hating black" racism. After all, some horrible, HORRIBLE things were done to black folks in the name of White Supremacy. But, I will also admit that the festering, smoldering fires of racial bigotry DO exist deep within the African-American community, and it is being nurtured by the so-called leadership of that said community. The great irony is that BLACK people are hurt worse than anyone else. THEIR schools, THEIR places of business, THEIR futures are being burned to the ground by the race pimps and whores who use division and hatred for their own personal power trips. Wake up, Black America! Say NO to the Sharptons, Jacksons and Farrakhans of the world! They want to enslave you again, and make you beholden to their ways. I'm not saying to stop being black or give-up the unique aspects of your heritage and community. But, your culture and values will DIE if you let hatred rule your hearts.

OldArmy94 wrote:
Jacksonville parents and citizens need to raise the biggest possible stink to make sure they can escape PCSSD. If I were there, I'd do almost anything short of killin' to protect my children from the clutches of these incompetent and evil boobs. File lawsuits, protest, picket board members, WHATEVER IT TAKES!

BJ1906, when the NAAPC first started, they FORCED black people to join them. If they wouldn't join, they would burn down their houses, etc,... And you wonder why black people are the way they are today. Because of those evil haters back in the day spread it and bred it. Most black people back then were hard-workers, honest, and not racial. Today, there is more reverse racism than their ever was regular racism!

VictimRites wrote:
When will the State Government step in and say "ENOUGH!"? Their politicians, they wouldn't touch this issue if their career counted on it. Their cowards.

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