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UPDATE: Little Rock Mayor's Vehicle Stolen


Little Rock
Mayor Stodola recently "granted" an interview in the driveway of his
home, with the Democrat (Dino)
Gazette, in which he claims that he must have left his keys on the floor
of his SUV, the thieves were smart enough to search for them, and
instead of just stealing the radio, 'cus the door was "unlocked', they
simply drove away with his SUV.

You  be sucha' liar Mark. Tell ya'
what, ask all of those
honorable front-line Little Rock cops that spoke with you that evening
they agree with your B.S. version of the events, that FUBAR of an
dear Mayor.  

Ask them if they are willing to
sign an affidavit
under penalty of perjury  confirming your fairy tale version of events,
as told by YOU. Hungh
liar? Are you willing to do that?  

I didn't think so,
'cus you be one big 'ol, "key on the tire hiding", liar Mayor. You
easily lie to the Creole
Indian Nation and you lie to the rest of your Little Rock citizens with
impunity within their  own newspaper.  It's just so easy for you
to lie- until you get caught.

"To whom
much is given, much is required".  Get off your Crystal Throne Arrogant
One.  Creole Indian Warriors have now arrived at your door with 'dat
hammer, to crush the damn useless thing into shards.  We will have our
justice, sir. That's a Creole promise. As sure as Katrina or a
Haliburton/BP Gulf Coast oil spill.

You looked me straight into my eyes
and bold-faced
lied.  You will have to answer for that, it's called misfeasance.
Because of your failure to act, a crooked cop has committed ANOTHER
(ACIC- misuse of information) proven state & federal felony against
our sovereign 
nation. You had the means and the pre-information to prevent this harm
against us.  You are more than welcomed to confirm this with your Chief
of Police, he'll be unhappy to inform you that I am most painfully
correct- bad for you.

you provably ran screen for your corrupt
friends and now- you shall be held accountable according to our
traditions and standards.  This is your last opportunity to STAND UP and
be less of a liar than you provably are today.


Chief Ean Bordeaux


Louisiana Purchase Territory

Bio: Syndicated Creole Indian Social
Justice Blogger.

Chief Elder & War Chief of the 1803 LPT American Creole Indian

BTW, we want ALL of our shit back. ______________________________________________________________________________

FOX16 News: Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola's car has been stolen.  It happened
between 5:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. while the mayor was having dinner at the
Copper Grill on East Third Street.

The vehicle is a 2003 tan Ford
Explorer. The license plate is 993OBT.

you have any information about the mayor's missing SUV, please call
Little Rock Police.

KTHV 11: Not even the Little Rock mayor is immune to crime in the capital city.

Someone stole Mayor Mark Stodola's SUV Friday


They took it from the Copper Grill down
near the

River Market sometime between 5:30 p.m and 7p.m.

It's a tan Ford Explorer with license
plate number

993 OBT. 

Mayor Stodola's car stolen

Arkansas Times: Arkansas Blog


by Max

on Sat, Jun 5, 2010 at 2:58 PM

A reader [AKA Blogger] last night broke the
news first
of the theft of Mayor Mark Stodola's Ford
from outside Copper Grill, where he was dining.

A City Hall insider wonders (and I've sent the mayor a question) if
Stodola was following his long habit of not carrying his car keys.
Instead, he often places them atop his left front tire. That's kind of
like leaving your iPod or purse on the seat of your car. Mighty




Ean Lee

Breaking news:
Little Rock Mayor Stodola just had his vehicle stolen in the River
Market District? If it's true, we'll cover it here: http://www.corruptionsucks.blogspot.com/

Friday at 8:23pm

TWITTER: Little Rock Mayor Stodola just had his vehicle
stolen in the River Market District? Covering it here:http://www.corruptionsucks.blogspot.com


Since Corruption Sucks Blog was the first to break this story, YOU'RE VERY WELCOME FOX16, on the mainstream media scoop & KTHV 11 for quickly sniffing behind FOX16'S back-end for the second (technically third) place finish.  

There is a little more to this story than meets the eye, people. Things like, did the thieves use Mark Stodola keys?  I KNOW that the thieves used the mayor's car  keys to steal his Ford Explorer. How the hell did that happen!!??  

WE KNOW how and we are gonna' tell you first, unless the Mayor wants to step-up and simply declare that he is a corruption coddling, liar and buffoon, just begging for some bum to steal his Ford Explorer. Arrogance is the cousin of idiocy in this particular case.

We'll get more into this latest of Little Rock FUBAR's today.  I'm really going to enjoy this more than I should. There is no love lost between this corruption blog and the public corruption coddling, lying-ass Mayor of the city of Little Rock. So REALLY, is the mayor TRULY a victim of a crime or simply a victim of his own idiocy?  

If you walk naked through the jungle with a T-bone steak tied to your dumb ass, do you blame the predator for eating your stupid ass up? 

Darwin Awards? Anyone? 

What, is this a new program Mark? Bait car or something? Corruption Sucks blog fully intends to explore the case of the stolen Ford Explorer. Tune in, this is going to bust your gut! I say that the mayor is NO victim, just an arrogant idiot & a corruption coddling lying one.  We can prove it.  Get off your Chrystal Throne arrogant one. Before Creole Indian warriors take a sledge hammer to the damn thang.  

Mayor, you're such a public corruption coddling liar and we will prove it.  You have proven to be no friend to the Creole Indian, you have consciously allowed your corrupt members of your city to run a muck, and shame on you.

Remember folks: Corruption Sucks Blog tells you first.


Weak-mayor form

In this form, the mayor is elected by voters, but has little real
political power and less independence under this form than a strong
mayor. A weak mayor serves largely ceremonial duties, and even, may be a
member of the council.

In the weak-mayor form of the mayor–council government, the council
possesses both legislative and executive authority. The council may
appoint officials and might approve of mayoral nominations. The council
also continues to exercise primary control over the municipal budget.

Charles Adrian and Charles Press explain, "The weak-mayor plan is a product of Jacksonian democracy. It comes from the
belief that if politicians have few powers and many checks, then they
can do relatively little damage."

This elected, weak mayor form of government may be found in small
towns in the United States that do not use the more popular
council–manager form used in most municipalities that are not considered
large or major cities.

In the Indian sub-continent the British Government introduced a
weak-mayor system with a provincial government-appointed commissioner in
the municipal corporations as the executive functionary who had the
same power of a district officer vis-a-vis other local authorities.


Strong-mayor form

The strong-mayor form of mayor–council government usually consists of
an executive branch, a mayor elected by
voters, and a unicameral
council as the legislative branch.

In the strong-mayor form the elected mayor is given almost total
administrative authority and a clear, wide range of political
independence, with the power to appoint and dismiss department heads
without council approval and little, or no public input. In this system,
the strong-mayor prepares and administers the city budget, although
that budget often must be approved by the council. Abuses in this form
led to the development of the council–manager form of local government
and its adoption widely throughout the United States.

In some strong-mayor governments, the mayor will appoint a chief administrative officer
who will supervise department heads, prepare the budget, and coordinate
departments. This officer is sometimes called a city
; while the term used in the equally popular council–manager
government, the manager is responsible only to the mayor in this

Most major and large American cities use the strong-mayor form of the
mayor–council system, however, the middle size and small American
cities use the council-manager system.

Pakistan after its devolution plan has had a variant of the
strong-mayor system since 2001. In India, West Bengal has introduced a
cabinet-type system of executive, called mayor/chairperson-in-council,
in its local governments during 1980–1991, that resembles the
strong-mayor system, except that the mayor may be removed through a vote
of no-confidence by the elected council in the British model of


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