Sunday, July 4, 2010

REPRINT: LRPD Cop Sexually Harassing River Market Patrons

It can now be reported that Shannon Dewayne Cox has been identified as the River Market's Toe Suck Fairy.

Mounted Patrolman Cox's latest indiscretion came to light a couple of weeks ago after three female patrons complained to two city officials about his obsession with their feet.

One of them purportedly described Cox as, "that creepy cop with the foot fetish!"

The statements obtained included, "Ofc. Cox was confirmed to be 'hanging out while on-duty' in front of Willy D's bar, again. And all three (3) of these females were indeed wearing, 'open-toed footwear.'"

Cox was hard at it that week (no pun intended) when these women were forced to complain about this sicko's "problem."

Apparently, this wasn't the first time they had to endure the "foot inspection" while trying to use a public sidewalk that just happened to be in front of Willy D's bar.

Hmm, why would a Little Rock police officer be posted in the same place every time these ladies decided to visit the River Market district?

I would guess that this freak did not have any supervision, and that alone, would enable him to be able to commit his "sex crimes" at will.

I have several blog readers at City Hall. They can't claim that they weren't warned ahead of time about the big-time sexual harassment lawsuits that are about to be served regarding Cox's continued sexual harassment of River Market patrons.



If LRPD spent more time protecting citizens rather than harassing them and simply considering them fodder for their corrupt interest, maybe we would feel safer in this city.

That is unless you live "NORTH OF MARKAM", then you ARE protected, we won't mention race as a factor, hmmm.

We have LT. Cops under investigation for circumventing police porn filters because they are obsessed and receiving counseling for "Black Porn Addictions". Nice way to spend city time & resources. I can go on, but you get the point.


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