Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Midtown Billiards Slasher Finally in Police Custody

Update- 7.14.2010

It is confirmed that the Midtown Billiards Slasher, Brian Wright, was arrested on theft and other charges yesterday.  He is yet to be charged with the slashing/stabbing of Michael Adam Crismon of Benton, Arkansas on May 30th, as a result of a fight that began in Midtown Billiards and poured into the streets. Though employees at Midtown Billiards are quoted as saying, "it was just a bunch of bums fighting outside", numerous credible witnesses contest this accounting as wholly untrue.  

According to eyewitness reports, two white males and one white female were seen coming out of Midtown Billiards, an after hours bar, known for illicit activities.  

The two males were having strong words and pushing and shoving each other.  the female was in between them trying to break-up the fight, but favoring one of the males over the other.  Within this melee of cursing, pushing and shoving, the female fell down to the ground.  

Witnesses state that she was not struck, but slipped.  At this point, Slasher Brian Wright runs across the street from E-Z Mart and starts "swinging punches" at Crismon.  Crismon, at least six inches taller than Wright started getting the upper-hand, at which point Wright pulls out an object and starts stabbing and slashing at the victim.

This publisher is quite confident, that the LRPD finally has the right guys following-up this heinous crime.  

The important thing is that a very unstable and dangerous individual is finally off-the-streets and no longer a danger to this community. 

What also deserves mentioning is that Mr. Crismon owes his life to the good police work of the Midnight shift.  If they had not been so persistent as to follow the victims blood trail SIX blocks, he surely would not be alive today; lost way too much blood and bleeding-out.  Good job as usual.

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Update- 7.2.2010 


The slasher's name is Brian Wright, he is well-known by the Little Rock
Police Department, yet still roams freely in the streets, bragging about
his crime! Interesting, I have seen the LRPD arrest and accost people
on the smallest of  technicality, yet this violent attempted murderer
walks the street with impunity.  Go figure. At least put a warrant out


Violent Stabbing in Little Rock
as reported by KARK 4-

Little Rock
police are investigating a violent stabbing May 3rd Sunday morning. 
It happened in the 1300 block of Main
Street at four a.m. 
tell us the victim was stabbed in the head and neck several times, then
left the scene and was found six blocks away at 19th and Louisiana,
near the governor's mansion. 
Witnesses tell us the victim and
suspect were fighting.

"And then once they got through
fighting, the man pulled out a shank and just started shanking the man
as if they were in a penitentiary or something like,” says witness
Christopher Moore.

The victim's
name and condition have not been released but he was responsive in the


We aren't saying that this story,
as written, isn't true, it's just
very incomplete. We intend to clear
'dat up.


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