Friday, June 11, 2010

Little Rock Police Defered Pay Raises In January-Solution Around the Corner?

           What Ever Happened With This? 

I find it
amazing, and yet not surprising, that every time we go into a bad
economy essential services 

(police & fire) are the first ones to
take the hit. It never seems to affect any government bureaucracy 

or pet
social program - from the execs to the secretaries and support
personnel. This is done on 

purpose, to increase your angst so you'll
accept more government solutions.

And it makes me mad as hell. -Citizen of Little Rock

Publisher's note:  

I heard that 'ol prez Gilchrist broke the fraternal tradition of "returning" 

the symbolic $5,000 payment, by keepin' 'dem duckets.  Not only 

did he "break the cycle of humble servitude, a la pro bono, he want's it 

increased to $13,000 so he can NOT give that back too.  

Way to go there Johnnie boy, hell, If I had to hold-hands with a buncha cryin' 

ass police, I would want more money too!

Little Rock Police Defer Pay Raises

   posted 10:09 pm Fri January 01, 2010 - Little Rock

   reporter: Roger Susanin      posted by: Evan Hoffmeyer

from Channel 7 - http://www.katv.com/news/stories/0110/692146.html

The Little Rock Fraternal Order of Police is deferring their contract-guaranteed 4% raise.

After the difficulty Little Rock officials had passing their 2010 budget, the officer union's

executive board voted 4-1 Thursday night to delay their cost of living increase until July.

Lodge #17 President John Gilchrist says his officers are willing to make sacrifices during

troubled times.  Now he hopes the city will make a good-faith effort to negotiate until an

agreement satisfying to all sides is reached.

(John Gilchrist, President, LRPD Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #17)

"Obviously, as police officers, we are trained to negotiate before we go into 

an escalating situation.  This is just another one of those instances....The members 

of this organization have shown why they are called Little Rock's finest."

Gilchrist says the move is part sacrifice, part logic.  City Manager Bruce Moore first asked

the union to give up their raise in October 2009.  Gilchrist says that would have been 


(John Gilchrist, President, LRPD Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #17)

"We feel we have a binding contract with the City of Little Rock.  It was violated, 

or would have been violated had we not come to this conclusion."

Gilchrist says by deferring the raise, officers are helping the city save money, and

giving city officials time to hammer out an agreement with the union.

(John Gilchrist, President, LRPD Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #17)

"We're gonna have to think outside of the box.  We're gonna have to think 

of possible alternatives in order to find an equitable solution."

Gilchrist says if no agreement is reached, the union may sue the city for breach of contract...

Publisher's Note:

A SUGGESTION: Good 'Ol Fashioned Picket The Old Fogies @ Their Next City 

Of Little Rock Board Meeting!  

Hell, it works for us Creoles, 'cus they sho' be hatin' to see a bunch of us 

mixed-blooded Indians marching in dat meetin' with a bunch of signs in our 

disenchanted hands singing freedom songs!

You know, with picket signs that read: GIVETH'S US FREE!!

-Amistad 1997(the movie) 

The film's protagonist, Sengbe Pieh, most known by his Spanish name, "Cinqué.

OR:    Pa gen jistis, pa gen lapè: 



BTW, what the hell is this? Little Rock Police Department Lawsuit


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