Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Little Rock school security supervisor arrested

Little Rock school security supervisor arrested 

Little Rock Ark May 9 2010

Fox news

A Little Rock school supervisor is in trouble with the law. Police say the school employee over-stepped his boundaries after hiring a female security guard. Detectives credit the new employee for noticing something suspicious and reporting it. What she found is now at the center of the investigation.

The Little Rock school district just placed 48 year old Robert Moore on leave as it conducts its own internal investigation. This as Little Rock police are moving forward with a case they say is all caught on camera.

Little Rock schools hire security guards to make sure your children are safe. This week, a security supervisor found himself on the other side of the law.

Police say it happened when Moore hired a new female security guard at the district’s security office.

“He interviewed her, told her she needed to try on some uniforms, she went into a room where the uniforms were,” Lt. Terry Hastings said.

That’s when police say she saw a camera recording her every move.

“She took the tape out of it, finished her interview with Mr. Moore and then left,” Hastings said.

Now the DVD with the evidence is in the hands of investigators.

“It’s unfortunate that sometimes people make bad choices often that result in consequences,” Tiffany Hoffman of Little Rock Schools said.

School officials placed Moore on leave. They don’t believe he’s ever done this.

“The good part is the aspect of his job does not take him into the schools so we don’t believe that any students were in harm’s way,” Hoffman said.

FOX16 went to the home listed as Moore’s address. No one answered the door.

“It kind of causes a bad image when you have this happen to whatever agency is involved in it,” Lt. Hastings said.

Police arrested Moore Wednesday and he got out of jail on a $2500 bond. He’s charged with Video Voyeurism, a Class D felony.

Police would not comment on what was caught on camera. Officers say they have to present it as evidence in court.


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