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EUGENICS: TRUE Racism | Racists Think Your Too Stupid To Know About It - Are You?

Eugenics is false science. It is about the selective prevention or encouragement of births for social, racial, or political ends. When promoting anti-natalist measures, such measures are often hidden beneath rhetoric about freedom of choice or reproductive health.

When eugenic goals demand increased fertility, those goals may be advanced in the name of national power, race survival, or even family support programs (including maternity leave, day care, childcare allowances, etc. as in much of Europe today) which would be considered progressive if not for the intent behind them.

Eugenics is not about reproductive freedom. It is, in fact, the antithesis of reproductive freedom because it is essentially concerned with competitive fertility. As such, it is similar to -- but not identical to -- population control. The distinction here is that eugenics supplies a biological or genetic interpretation to its means and aims. If it is a particular race that is to targeted, for instance, the eugenicist will first offer a "scientific" basis for such a plan --usually consisting of statistical "evidence" that the disfavored group is less capable of achievement, more prone to anti-social behavior,or otherwise disproportionately responsible for a prevalent social problem. Most importantly, the eugenicist will insist that this"inferiority" is hereditary -- that "excessively" high birthrates among these people will lead to a general decline in the quality of the society as a whole.

Thus the eugenicist will argue the legitimacy of a public policy that minimizes procreation among certain groups, while often simultaneously promoting greater fertility among other segments of the population.

It should be added that an activity designed to influence levels of fertility is not the only tactic available for use under a eugenic program. High rates of incarceration (especially where a large number of young adults are concerned) may be tolerated precisely because imprisonment results in a loss of reproductive opportunity.

Eugenic goals also extend to immigration when an exclusion policy selects by ethnicity or class. As was made abundantly clear under the Nazi program of mass genocide, a well-functioning eugenics operation is never satisfied for long with modest results.

It is almost inevitable that whenever such policies are found "useful," increased activity of the same sort will be seen as "more useful."

The word eugenics comes from the Greek for "good genes", general meaning.

Therefore, any policy that is thought by advocates to stimulate the prevalence of "good genes" is considered eugenic in its effect.

Another term -- dysgenic -- is applied to a situation in which the undesirable elements, like Creoles, both "old blood and new blood Creoles" (OLD BLOOD CREOLE: Ethnic/National Creoles that have maintained a significant Creole ethnic/cultural diversity of at least three or more generations. NEW BLOOD CREOLE: "mixed-raced" individuals with little to no Creole cultural support, born within one to two generations of "single-raced" to "tri-racial/"one dropped", "multiracial parents" of separate cultures/races). The Dysgenic is known to grow at a greater rate than the Nordic goals of the eugenicist.

Finally, it should be pointed out that eugenics can be broken down into several distinct philosophies. Social Darwinism is a term commonly applied to class-based eugenics. Please take the time to research the true and complete theories of Darwin. His early examples actually use the IRISH so-called race, as the contemporary example of genetically undesirable dysgenics of his particular time. Please choose to acquire a complete understanding of their sinister activities throughout history. Also, Sir Francis Galton Father of Eugenics, a cousin of Charles Darwin, theorized that if talented people only married other talented people, the result would be measurably better offspring.

Google to find out more, if you dare. "De-ignorize" yourself and  culture, so that this Age of Clarity, does not pass you by!

The operative theory here, is that wealth is spontaneously distributed throughout the society according to the merits of the individuals within the society. In other words, the Social Darwinist believes the wealthy are rich because of inherent traits that make them successful. The poor, on the other hand, are said to be destined to want precisely because they are of "inferior stock." Thus, in the mind of the eugenicist, any effort to promote economic justice has a dysgenic effect because it only encourages breeding among so-called inferior types.

This kind of thinking can be found in advocacy of such contemporary proposals as the "family cap" for welfare parents,certain efforts to halt teen pregnancy, and the flap about and "illegitimacy."

Likewise, racial eugenics defines people from different regions of the world as having unique "evolutionary characteristics" which makes one group more suited to certain pursuits than another. This is the ideology behind The Bell Curve and similar publications that have aroused controversy in the past few years.

Some proponents of eugenics cite physical or mental disabilities as a cause for limits to reproduction. In terms of policy, they are more interested in stigmatizing the alcoholic, the drug abuser, or the mental patient than in seeking authentic forms of treatment and measures that would influence the economic or social environment in which such problems flourish. This form of eugenics has made inroads into many of the more legitimate sciences such as human genetics and bio-ethics. Indeed, eugenics is especially dangerous in this area because of the opportunity to apply obvious truths -- the fact that children inherit physical features from their parents, to name one -- to political issues, such as "criminal tendencies" or an"underclass" culture, in a way that results in discriminatory policies.

The following eugenics databases are a compilation of the names of influential persons who have belonged to eugenics associations (the British eugenics society and its American counterpart), their affiliation with other organizations, their interests and fields of study, and their contribution to literature. It is meant not only to show the prevalence of this kind of ideological thinking and their application to supposedly unrelated fields of study, but also to illustrate how little the fundamental philosophy has changed over the years. It is also hoped that access to this information will encourage others to study the field of eugenics and to recognize it for what it is.

The American Philosophical Society (APS) is one of the foremost centers for the study of eugenics, with records of organizations such as the American Eugenics Society and the Eugenics Record Office and papers of noted eugenicists such as Charles B. Davenport. These collections include numerous photographs of eugenics exhibitions, winners of Fitter Families contests, examples of folks considered less fit according to eugenics standards, and eugenics researchers such as Davenport, Harry H. Laughlin, and others. The eugenics images may be viewed in their entirety or by the collection from which they are drawn. 

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Narrated & Edited By:

Ean Lee Bordeaux, pro per

Chief Elder, American Creole Indian Nation 

American Creole Indian Aid Commission (ACIAC) | email: fraud101@gmail.com

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